Ons nieuwste lid is Ronin_Inkonu en is gevouched door Original_Dutch!

Even though we expect all of our members to behave responsibly and act with common sense, it’s still important that we define what is and more importantly, what is not allowed on our server. For that reason we have created the following summary of our rules. Should you break any of these, it may result in losing your building rights, as well as temporary or permanent loss of access to our server. These rules apply to everyone, even though VIP’s make a donation towards our server, they will be treated all the same.

Treat each other with respect.

This rule may seem simple, but it seems that some people still lack common courtesy. In concrete terms? Treat everyone with dignity, don’t destroy their works and don’t steal their items. This also includes behaving yourself in the chat, things such as excessive cursing, racism, bullying or similar practices are ill-advised.

We collect and build everything by hand.

As opposed to some other servers that provide all the materials for free or allow you to spawn them in, our server requires that you collect what you need yourself. As such, the copying/duping of items is strictly forbidden. Mods that allow you to automatically create, obtain or construct works with materials are forbidden. However, some constructions that automatically provide items (such as ‘cacti-farms’ and ‘mobtowers’) are allowed, as long as they don't cause lag.

We keep our buildings clean.

While there’s no arguing about bad taste, we still impose some rules on structures. If you wish to start a large project for example, we expect you to start out by gathering the required workforce. It happens all too often that a project grinds to a halt halfway through due to lack of motivation. Since nobody enjoys a world filled with unfinished buildings, we expect that if you start a project, you finish it as well. In addition, with any project, we expect you to take a good look around first to see if there’s anyone else in the same area already. Keep the following rule in mind: The bigger the project that is already in the area, the more distance you have to keep! Unfinished project which have been inactive for more than two months, can be deleted to make room for other projects.

Our main language is Dutch.

Tweakcraft is a Dutch Minecraft server and we like to keep it that way, however, this does not mean that foreigners aren’t welcome. When non-Dutch speaking members visit our server, we can still respond in English and these members still have the ability to obtain building rights. This rule basically dictates that none of our players should get criticized for speaking Dutch.

Some mods are forbidden

Client modifications such as mods and macros are allowed up to a certain point. The main issue here is that the player may not have any gameplay advantages (especially regarding the obtaining and placing of resources) compared to a player who does not use modifications.

Some examples are that while a mod for a minimap is allowed, modding this minimap to display minerals is not. Macros that allow you to walk or mine faster are forbidden, but macros that allow you type “/home” faster are not. Mods that allow you to fly or automatically build or mine things are forbidden. A “stack” macro is allowed.