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Hosting a Minecraft server is a lot of work. Not only does the server need continuous maintenance, we also have to continuously provide an optimal and enjoyable experience for players. This includes things like developing plugins, maintaining the website and helping the players. Thankfully we have a dedicated team of admins that enjoy this work. These admins do not get paid for their hard work!

Why would I donate?

Despite all the free work done by the admins we still have the costs of renting the actual server machine. Minecraft is a relatively cpu intensive game to host, so we need a high end machine to provide a lag free experience for everyone. The downside to this is that we pay 60 euro's a month for this machine. To get this money we encourage players to donate a one time sum of 15 euro's to us. After donating, as a thank you sign, these players become VIP's. They get a few extra commands to use in order to travel easier. Ofcourse, we accept donations from everyone, even non players!

If you are currently a builder on our server, becoming a VIP has the following benefits:
  • Access to the VIP forum
  • Access to the Survival-world (without applying through the forum)
  • A voice in VIP meetings
  • More teleport options like /tp, /tpon, /tpoff, /tpback, /tpforward
  • TNT arrows using /tnta
  • Sponge now works with lava as well
If you decide to donate you can ensure the future of our Tweakcraft Minecraft server! We guarantee that the money you donate will only be used to pay the rent of the server or other costs that are made maintaining the server. No admin makes a profit from donations!

How do I donate?

There are several options for donating. We prefer donations through Paypal, but there are different options available. Are you a player and do you want to become VIP? You can through Paypal by clicking on the button. Are you already VIP or do you want to donate a different sum? Contact a serveradmin by joining our IRC chatchannel (server, channel or click here). You can also mail us.