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Tweakcraft has a few worlds with different goals and functions. During our existence the number of worlds has steadily grown to the number we have today. The worlds are:


This world was created in december 2011 after the 1.0 release of Minecraft. Therefore, this world is generated with the 1.0 biome generator and is 5000x5000 blocks in size. The rule on this world is that the bigger the project, the further away other projects have to be from it. Projects that have not seen activity for over 2 months and are not finished might get removed from this world. These projects will be saved in a .scematic file for future reference or retrieval. This is done in order to save space on this map.


The original world that was made at the founding of Tweakcraft in september 2010. This world is very old yet still has many big and beautifull projects. It is only possible to build inside zones because we encourage players to move on to the new main world.


Skyworld is created with the skyworld generator of Minecraft. The world consists of a series of islands floating in mid air with nothing in between. Skyworld is divided in different themes. There is a nations theme, which is a community build featuring 2 nations at war. We also have a space theme and a freebuild area. Only VIP's can build in skyworld, but other players are free to look around. In order to bridge the gaps between the islands players have the ability to teleport using a compass.


This world is dedicated to flat pixelarts. Standing pixelarts are allowed in the Main world, but flat pixelarts have to be build in this world.


Only apprentices can build on this world while they await a vouch. This world has a seperate inventory from all the other worlds and is resetted every once in a while.


The goal of this world is to provide a vanilla Minecraft experience. There are barely any mods enabled on this world. Health and mobs are enabled so the focus is on the survival aspect. Griefing is not allowed though! Stealing of items (from inventories/chests) is permitted. The survivalworld is only accessible for VIP's and the inventories are seperate from the other worlds. Non VIP's can apply for this world through the forum.


In order to preserve the main world and for convenience, this world allows players to mine resources. There are designated area's where players can find farms to mine resources like snow, sand, wood etc. When these farms are empty they are reset.


This world is the world players first spawn in when they join the server. It acts as a node to all the other worlds.


Only accessible for admins, this world is a testing ground for all kinds of things.