Er zijn 2536 spelers geregisteerd op de server!

Once you've had a look on our server (address is, you will have noticed that you do not have build rights. This has been done on purpose to avoid people logging in and quickly destroying our buildings. Even though the server was originally meant for members of, alternatively we have been accepting other Dutch and foreign people for a while. Therefor we use a 'vouching'-system.

Vouching, what is that?

With vouching we mean co-optation. This means that only existing members can provide you with build rights. By means of this system, we hope to avoid 'evil' users. Surely, the person that 'vouches' for you, is in a way responsible for your actions. If you misbehave after you've received build rights, your 'vouchers' reputation will get hurt because of your actions. So do not misuse the trust of your voucher once he has provided you with build rights. New members get vouch rights to vouch for others seven days after their own vouch. To avoid the fact that the language of the server could change from Dutch to anything else, we decided to not give foreigners vouch rights.

I don't know anyone who wants to vouch for me!

This is not a problem, it is not necessary to be a friend or family of a user. We are more concerned about the fact that you are a nice and social player who can bring a positive influence to our server. Show this to us! Take a look around on the server ( and view the immense structures that we have built. Introduce yourself in the chat (you can chat using 't') and have a social conversation. Do not try to be pushy for a vouch, often this only works against you. Are you not immediately successful, try it again some other day. If there are still no people that want to vouch for you after a while, you are probably not the kind of person that we are looking for.

Somebody wants to vouch for me! Now what?

Good job on finding someone that wants to vouch and be responsible for you! The toughest part has now been dealt with. First make sure you are completely registered on the website. You will receive a code in the in-game chat, that you will have to use for registering. Also, make sure you have read the rules ! Second, you can ask your voucher to fill in your name in his User CP. Once your voucher has done this, your name should turn green and you are able to build.