Er zijn 1468 zones in gebruik!



/godMakes the player invulnerable. This is on by default.
/ungodMakes the player vulnerable.
/extselfPuts out flames when the player is on fire.
/stack or /;Organises every item in the players inventory in neat stacks. Even items which cannot normally be stacked (e.g. signs) will be stacked using this command.
/compassShows the direction the player is facing.
/motdDisplays the Message of the Day on Tweakcraft. This is always displayed when the player enter the server.
/spawnTeleports the player to the spawnpoint of the world he/she is in.
/world portaalTeleports the player to the starting world where all the portals are.
/seen [name]Allows the player to check the last time another player logged in.
/ejectThrows players off when they sit on you.
/dnmShort for: Do Not Mount. Allows the player to prevent other players from sitting on him.
/pluginsShows a list of all plugins currently running on the Tweakcraft server.
/whoAllows the player to check who is online.
/lwhoShows the players in the local vicinity (200 blocks).
/zwhoShows players in the zone that is selected using /zs.
/who w:[worldname]Shows players online in the world that specified.

Chat commands

/me [message]Sends a message in third person. These messages are recognised by the * before the playername.
/msg [player] [message]Sends a private message to the player specified.
/r [message]Replies to a private message.
/cm listShows the different chatmodes that can be used.
/lcAllows the player to chat in local chatmode. Local chat can only be read by players within 200 blocks of the player speaking.
/zc Enables zonechat that allows the player to chat to other players in the same zone.
/wcWorldchat, only players in the same world can see the chatmessage.
/a [message]Sends a message to the admins. Useful when help is needed.

Groupchat commands

/group create [name]To create a chat group.
/group invite [player]To invite a player to your chat group.
/group acceptAccept an invitation to join a chat group.
/group declineDecline an invitation to join a chat group.
/group leaveTo leave the current chat group.
/group listTo show who is part of the current chat group.
/group topicTo change the name of the chat group
/g or /groupchatTo send a message to the chatgroup.

Worlds and Warps

/listwarpsShows all available warps in the default warpgroup. At the bottom of the list are the available warpgroups.
/listwarps [groupname]Shows the warps in a particular warpgroup.
/warp [name]Warps the player to the warp specified.
/lwDisplays all the different worlds available to the player. It also shows the number of players in each world.
/world [name]Teleports the player to the world specified.


/homes add [name]Creates a home at the location the player is standing.
/homes use [name]Activates a home and enables it to be used with /home
/homes del [name]Deletes a home.
/homes listShows the complete list of homes available to the player.
/homeTeleports the player to the home that is activated using /homes use.
/homes goto [name] or /hg [name]Combines /homes use and /home. Allows a player to directly teleport to the home that is specified.

VIP commands

/getposShows the current coordinates.
/tp [player]Teleports the player to the player specified.
/backTeleports the player back to his previous location.
/tpoffPrevents other player from teleporting to the player.
/tponEnables teleporting again both from and to the player.
/tpchere [player]Sends a request to the player specified to teleport to the VIP. This can be used on any player of any rank. This player can then use /tpca or /tpcd to respectively accept or deny the request.
/tntaAllows the player to shoot TNT with arrows in zones where TNT is enabled. The materials required are a bow, an arrow and TNT.


/pen set [tekst] Defines the text that has to be pasted on a sign. A new line is defined using ^.
/pen setline [line] [tekst] Allows the player to edit text per line. The number 0 is the first line on a sign.
/pen clear Empties the memory for the pentool.
/pen dump Shows the current memory in the chat.


/zselect [zonename] of /zs [zonename]Selects the zone specified. When [zonename] is omitted the zone the player is currently in is selected.
/zgetaccess of /zgaShows which player currently have access to the zone. Only available to zoneadmins.
/zinfoShows information about the zone.
/zsetname of /zsnSets the name of the zone.
/zset entermessage [message]Sets the enter message for the zone.
/zset leavemessage [message] Sets the leave message for the zone.
/zsetuser [name] [access]Sets what the specified player can do inside the zone. Available rights are BCDEH (build, chestaccess, destroy, entry, hit)
/zsetgroup [groupname] [access]Sets the rights for the different groups and ranks.
/zaddadmin of /zaaAdds an admin to the zone.

Zones options

/ztoggle of /ztThis is the basic command that allows a player to change variables of a zone.
/ztoggle HealthToggles health in the zone. Note that /god still overrides this toggle.
/ztoggle TNTEnables or disables TNT.
/ztoggle LavaToggles the flow of lava
/ztoggle waterAllows the flow of water to be toggled.
/ztoggle mobsGoverns the ability for mobs (skeletons/zombies/etc) to spawn.
/ztoggle animalsToggles the ability for animals (cows/pigs/etc) to spawn.
/ztoggle leafdecayToggles the decay of leafes.
/ztoggle fireToggles the spread of fire.
/ztoggle snowfallToggles the accumulation of snow.
/ztoggle iceformToggles the formation of ice.
/ztoggle icemeltToggles the melting of ice.
/ztoggle physicsToggles the ability of gravel and sand to fall down. The blocks do have to be placed on a block first. The block can then be removed.
/ztoggle notifyToggles notifications of users entering or leaving the zone. The notifications can be seen by anyone in the zone.