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Here you can find a list of all the admins involved in Tweakcraft.

Community Manager

The Community Manager (CM) keeps himself busy with controlling the whole admin-team and he is responsible for the communication towards the players on the server. Furthermore the CM (and the rest of the admin-team) set forth the policy and vision of Tweakcraft (for continuity and server growth).
  • Jelmar

Server Administrators

The Server Administrator (SA) is responsible for the technical aspect of the server. This includes keeping the Minecraft server up to date, but also the maintenance of the website, controlling the backups and protection-aspects. Ingame the SA doesn't perform any tasks. However, the SA's does have close contact with the GO's and SGO's in order to solve technical problems ingame.
  • vistu
  • Grum

Super Game Operators

The Super Game Operator (SGO) has the same tasks as a GO, with the addition of being able to modify the world by making use of the plugin WorldEdit. With this plugin, SGO's can move buildings of users to new locations. Together with the GO's, the SGO's are responsible for all ingame aspects of the game.
  • Giordino
  • Gazeebo
  • Maddox
  • Don_Craft
  • Alex
  • LeapingSheep
  • xBadmuts

Game Operators

The Game Operator (GO) is the first point of contact for the player. The GO in mainly involved with countering cheats and supporting users in controlling griefs. They also have the ability to make zones and warps for projects. Furthermore, the GO also keeps himself busy with the atmosphere of the ingame chat and with conflict management. The GO is also there to support new players in the server and their questions.


The following people have contributed a minor or major technical contribution to TweakCraft.
  • Bouncert
  • appeltje
  • sikerdebaard
  • Pataar
  • Meaglin
  • TheSec
  • Edoxile
  • Remie
  • windwarrior


  • Milenco