1145 Spelers hebben samen 19999 homes opgeslagen. Dat is gemiddeld 17 per speler!

Welcome on the Tweakcraft website! Tweakcraft is a Dutch community within the popular indiegame Minecraft. On average we have over 100 players join our server on a daily basis and are one of the biggest Dutch communities within Minecraft! Come and have a look at our server! You can join us by typing tweakcraft.net in your multiplayer connection box. Je can also hop on IRC (serveradress is irc.tweakers.net, the channel is #minecraft.chat or click here).


The Tweakcraft server was founded on 14 september 2010 by Technicality for members of the dutch Tweakers.net forum. Due to the massive popularity of the server Technicality exceeded his bandwidth in no time. Vistu decided to takeover management one week later. Technicality later stopped playing and vistu added Grumm, Kwakkel1000 and GuntherDW as server admins. To this day, some of them they manage the server!

Due to ever increasing playernumbers the need for a serverupgrade arose. After a round of donations enough money was rased to rent a dedicated server! This server has had a few upgrades since and nowadays we have a Core I7, 16 gb ram server hosted at Hetzner.de. We have over 1500 registered members and more than 150 active ones!


Our philosophy is that every block has to be handmined and handplaced. This means no spawning of blocks by players or admins. In order to get items not available in the default game we search for solutions that have the player do something in return for the item.

As players increase in rank, they get more traveltools to aid them in getting to the place they want to go to quickly. VIP's also gain access to a special world only meant for survival.

We think that there should be a minimum of obstacles between the player and his/her ability to build. Therefore the player has the option to turn of damage. Creatures are, where possible, on though damage done by these creatures to structures is disabled. In this way we hope to provide an environment suitable for building projects, while still keeping the game interesting and balanced.