Paradise Park
Paradise Park
Door Freaker
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Paradise Park
A Journey Through Tales

Hello welcome to the Project page of the theme park Paradise Park.
Paradise Park is an attraction park with working attractions and a good theme to tell the story of its land.


When you arrive through /warp ParadisePark you stand in front of four counters and a big gate. Go to the counter, press the button and get a ticket. Walk up to the big gate and in front of the door throw your ticket over the desk. Now the door to this amazing world will open for you.

We have a variety of different attractions but most of them are rollercoasters because of the limitations of Minecraft.
Besides that we've split up the attractions in color code's:

-Redstone is for the kids
-Lapis lazuli is for the water rides
-Gold is for the Adult rides
-Diamond is for the large/extreme attractions.
-Emerald is for the mazes

If you do happen to have any questions: put them in the forum thread.(i don't mind if its in English)

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