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Author Topic: Does a copy of world "Original" from 2010 exist?  (Read 14889 times)


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Does a copy of world "Original" from 2010 exist?
« on: 9 April 2018, 09:08:15 »
Back in 2010 I discovered a series of videos by Caliform called Expedition Minecraft which convinced me to buy this game. All these years later I decided to see the world from his 8th video in person for the first time. And what I found really saddened me. It appears the majority of what was created in that video has long since been deleted and forgotten with one of the only creations remaining being the "biodome". I would love to know if there is a copy of this map from back in 2010 so I could make that walk through memory lane and relive my childhood?

If this exists I would be so thankful!


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Re: Does a copy of world "Original" from 2010 exist?
« Reply #1 on: 3 May 2018, 20:15:00 »
We do have and keep backups from back then. (Well, close to, at least.)

I'm not in a position to release worlds though.

However, warps and stuff like that from back then will not work. So travelling to places will require either manually walking to said place or /tp'ing there.
Also, you'll have go into peaceful mode in order to keep mobs from spawning pretty much everywhere.

edit: I (or you, depending on what I can release) will have to convert from the old "single .dat per chunk" format to the Anvil system that is used nowadays as well.

The closest backup I have found (and am able to convert) is 2010-11-12_1100.
Unless you run a server yourself and block all block updates you'll have a hard time trying to run this map because of all the old leaves blocks everywhere and other such "features" that notch fixed overtime.
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